In a nutshell:

I am always fascinated by technology and what humans can achieve through innovations. Two of the best gifts of nature that humans possess are the ability to learn and create.

My career path including years of hands-on experience in IT world was a huge boot camp for me that gave me tons of knowledge not only how the technology works but also how corporations work in a real world, how and why decisions are made and what is the best way of making things work better.

I was lucky to work with very talented and interesting people and I took every opportunity to learn from them. I am very grateful for that.

Through my career, I’ve done IT Governance (including Information Security Governance), Servers Infrastructure Administration, Systems Design and Architecture, Databases, Networks, Security components… In the beginning worked with 3D graphics designs, programming for mobile, app customizations.
For the past 7 years, I’ve been working as a Subject Matter Expert in IT infrastructure, managing several server infrastructures that consist of DB, App, WFE servers + all back-end components that come with this venture including networks, security and governance pieces.

Having a global view of full-scale IT operations I came to a conclusion that when the company grows it is vitally important to have information governance and information management processes in place, otherwise, the company starts bleeding the money into fixing the consequences. As a matter of fact, during my work with Infrastructure, almost every project consisted of creating a governance system that keeps a company on a right track. On every project, I was identifying weak points and finding a solution to improve things. It was a very interesting process for me where I gained a lot of experience.
At this point of my career, I have a unique blend of quite a lot of corporate IT experience, analytical brain, thinking “outside of the box” and desire to improve and innovate things to make them work better and financially more efficient. I think these are my biggest assets.

During my career I was very lucky to have fantastic opportunities where I was able to:

  • Engineer several Governance Systems that help companies stay on track
  • Develop new workflow processes that significantly cuts the support time
  • Offer an automation of the processes that cut company’s expenses
  • Design a web work which earned Golden Web Awards and 1st place in several other contests
  • The Science Magazine that I’ve developed was referred by NASA Hubble website
  • + many other interesting achievements

In non-IT areas I’ve had an opportunity to work with market analysis, marketing positioning and strategies – that was very interesting as well.

Every team that I am working with is fantastic. I really enjoy it and anticipate the same in the future.

Sometimes people ask me if I am a risk-taker. The answer to this is in all occasions “yes”, but I always analyze the situation first, keeping the big picture in perspective, looking at things realistically and always hedge! 🙂

I always look forward to different interesting, challenging projects where I can apply myself to the best of my abilities and where I can help businesses grow!